New Year, Let’s Try it Again


Balcony Sunset in Berkeley

Balcony Sunset in Berkeley

I meant to compose this first blog of the year yesterday. Unfortunately, I had internet issues when I got home from the gym, so I had to push back my post today. Before I say what I have to say, I want to mention that the post that was published today prior to this one was actually composed in November, however, I never got around to editing the draft until today. What a shame. Well let’s try this blogging thing again.

Different Year, A New Start?

I’ve realized after reading a question in a job app the other day – Write in 150 characters or less what makes you unique – that I don’t know what makes me unique. Maybe capturing the events in my life on a regular basis, I can recollect on tangible moments if I’m ever asked that question again.

Then, I keep telling myself and my partner also has vouched for me in that I have some interesting ideas to share but I never make the time to put it in writing. So now I’ve committed myself after much discussion with her during her recent trip to the Bay Area. Aside from sorting out our relationship, we hashed out some important activities to cultivate our personal growth. One thing she is pushing me to do is getting back to writing in a journal as well as blogging. I’m proud to say that I did begin a green book prior to her knowledge to channel my daily if not weekly feelings. We also collectively got a Slingshot Organizer which is pretty rad. Although it’s not really a space for composing thoughts but it’s nice to organize my days since I’m always forgetful of my activities. Finally, I sketched out my idea of how I can make this blog more interesting a tad bit. I know as an individual my two cents are valuable but i don’t know if others may take interest. Maybe what I plan or bring up will add one more cent of value to my two pennies.

New Adventures & Ideas

So with this new feature WordPress has conjured up in reminding you to publish a post, I hope it will inspire me to get on my laptop and write something worthwhile. Moving to my idea, I realized that I like reading the news and headlines. There are so many things going on in the world that people just can’t focus on just one thing. But I believe I’m always compelled to comment on news about Indonesia and the world at-large. I may have said this prior, but if not, I plan to write on my commentaries on these articles. My mind struggles to find something interesting or creative to transpire onto paper or the web so I figure something compelling as the news may ignite some flames in the ol’ furnace up there. I will dedicate these commentaries in the Indonesia or International Development section. To address my love for food and agriculture, I plan to start sharing my adventures in food and agricultural endeavors. I know that the organic movement and food justice scene is already everywhere in the country but hopefully my input could offer some insight to folks who may not have been informed like my involvement with Occupy the Farm, East Bay Food Not Bombs and my house garden project. This drive to find equality in food access stems from my passion for supporting local eateries and the love of cooking for myself and others. To round off my initiative with this blog is to have a space for me to just rant on life and experiences that may not otherwise be related to the other topics I have mentioned. Thus, my goal is to give passerbys a look into another human being’s life. I pray my sweat in the metaphorical sense will not be gone to waste.

Happy New Year’s folks! Wishing you all a wonderful 2014!


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