Possibilities Started with a Dream

MLK had a dream that allowed me and my peers of color to dream to any end. That end may be uncertain, but the possibility to dream is certain. It gives colored and non-white individuals the ability to touch the sky if they so pleased. Barack Obama sure did and he was possible because of MLK. Yesterday when Obama took his oath for a 2nd term, MLK’s dream was fulfilled and renewed. Be thankful where you are in life, God knows, how different your life would have been. So don’t stop dreaming because one man’s once impossible dream was realized 4 years ago and yesterday

A New Year Cliché

So this is my first ever post on my first blog. I’m sure many people before me, who have started their own blog, have written a similar first post or entry. They may have mentioned that it is their first time writing in a medium like this or they have always wanted to do so and only, finally, have they gotten the courage to do so. Some may have started with a simple urge while others waited until the new year as a resolution to push them. I fall in the latter category and guilty of a new year cliché. Despite being categorized in that group, my purpose to write is not boxed into one class but it may be spread out into a wide spectrum.

I have never written seriously in a blog but I have owned one, prior to this WordPress account. I tried several years ago to create a Tumblr account to join my friends. I was also fueled to start one because in high school many of my friends including the guys who had a xanga or blogspot. I didn’t know what the fuss was all about and didn’t give much care at all. It was only when I got out of high school did I became interested in it. After all, social networking and media was picking up. I guess I didn’t want to be “left behind” so I jumped on after several years of contemplation. However, I felt this was not a blog rather a collection of pictures and random thoughts with no common theme. Honestly, I didn’t know what to do with a blog. I watched movies and reading about people becoming well-known because of their blogs. Yet even with research I couldn’t find a theme to implement for my blog. Complimented with waning interest and commitment, I abandoned my blog. I did briefly join some website called the Writer’s Cafe where people compose and share their literary work of art but I found out quickly that no one wanted to read my work and I felt awkward in commenting on other people’s work hoping they read mine. I don’t see myself as a credible literary enthusiast to give such comments. So I dropped that one too.

Now after attending UC Berkeley studying International Development with an interest in City Planning, Global Poverty, and the betterment of Developing Countries, I found a common thread and driving force for my blog. I finally understood that blogging can be a medium to share intellectual thoughts and critical opinions. This may be humorous but I was never into staying indoors and learning the wonders of social networking and information technology. My parents raised me to appreciate the outdoors so understanding the benefits of the computer and the internet came very late. So I am holding myself accountable to committing time to sit in front of my laptop and write.

I find myself always having lots of opinions, smart and idiotic, but never having a place to put them. Instead I drop them on Facebook as my status update hoping to see what people think. I noticed that the longer they are, the less likely people read. I learned to cut them down and people seem to be interested in what I had to say. But I realized that status updates are not archived in a folder so in order to find old thoughts it would be a burdensome chore to hunt them down. Also Facebook’s Note feature seemed like a great spot but you need to tag people for them to take notice and even then people don’t bother to read. So it seemed like a matter of time until I got myself thinking to start a real blog. Real in which I commit in writing and rambling rather than posting pictures and what not. So here it is.

I want to make a last comment to say that this will be a place for me to practice my writing skills. I have gotten mixed criticism for my writings. I have gotten positives for being very visual with my words and negatives for being “too flowery”. I guess its all depends on what the criteria I am writing. So narrowing my purpose, I hope to write concise yet thoughtful pieces in order to prepare myself for thesis writing. It is my goal someday to teach at the university level or maybe just be a lecturer. I hope to follow my grandfather’s footstep in becoming a professor or at least have the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge in a classroom. I do want to warn those crossing paths with my blog that this will also be a space for me to share my episodes in life from pictures of food to daily personal events. I wish myself good luck and hopefully whoever is reading my blog I am not a wasting their time. So here’s to my New Year Cliché and may it last for more than a few weeks!